Courses and Education

Here at Homestead Tactical, we offer a range of specialized classes and training opportunities for both beginners, experienced gun owners, and people interested in being self-sufficient.

A Call for Input

Are you a subject matter expert in a field or craft related to Homesteading, Self-sufficiency, Self-reliance, Firearms, Field medicine, etc.? Would you be interested in participating in one of our classes or leading your course? Do you simply need space to conduct your course? Ask for Joshua or Kevin to discuss your particular situation and how we can help facilitate yours and our goal to enable more people with knowledge and hands-on experience to be able to be self-capable!

subject matter expert for wilderness survival
subject matter expert for wilderness survival

TC3/ Emergency Field Medicine

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN FOR THIS COURSE! IN-PERSON @ Homestead Tactical for more information, payment/seat reservation.

Would you know what to do, or have the right interventions, if you find yourself in a life-threatening hunting accident? Or different situation? During this full day-long course you will learn, and practice with the kit you’ll carry, how and when to treat life-threatening injuries. Scenarios, based on class composition, can range from rural situations to dealing with situations of civil unrest. Weather permitting, the course will be outdoors in addition to the classroom portion. This course is based on actual experience and proven technique and is a civilianized version of the Army’s Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) curriculum.

Field Sanitation & Hygiene

This one-day course will introduce you to the concepts and preventive measures to ensure good health and cleanliness in austere environments/conditions. The class begins with soap making principles (we’re not able to actually ‘cook’ indoors) and alternative means of self-care. Don’t become a victim to disease and illness. Other topics covered include variations of waste removal, making your own potash, field showers, creating potable water (and limitations), must-have items in your sanitation/hygiene bag, etc. Weather permitting, portions of this class will be outdoors in the adjacent field. The maximum class size is 10 people, minimum is 3.